The City of Framingham, Massachusetts

Real Property Assessment Data

The information is real property values for Fiscal Year 2018. Value assessments are as of January 1, 2017.

Residential $16.32/1000 value, Commercial/Industrial/Personal $35.39/1000 value

The displayed and printed information from this site is an abbreviated version of property information. The Assessing Department retains the full property record information. A more detailed printout can be obtained. Please contact the department for details.

If you have any questions please contact the Assessor's Office at 508-532-5415 or website at for further information or assistance.


Searching by ParcelID Change the search by: to Parcel. In the space to the right, type the Map, Block and Lot as follows: Map space, Block(0) space, lot and then hit enter. Example: 10 0 10
Searching by Street Name Change the search by: to Street. In the space to the right, type the name of the street ONLY. Do NOT type out street, road, hill, etc. Just put the name. If you are using the street number, make sure to put that in the space to the far right.
Searching by Owner Name Change the search by: to Owner. In the space to the right, type in the last name ONLY. When the list comes up, pick the one you want.


To Print a Property Record Card When you are in the Record Card you would like to print, click on Printable Record Card, at the top. Send it to your printer. It will look different than the one you get at the Assessor's Office, but has most of the same information.